Birthday Gift Ideas For Children

When you are invited to a birthday party of a child or a toddler, the first thing you have to decide is what gift to buy. Searching for a perfect gift for the birthday kid will be easy, just prepare a list of everything they like. This can save you from spending hours in the gift shops feeling quiet confused. The gift ideas for children can be quite tricky. You will have to consider many parameters. First you will have to determine, why you are buying the gift for the kid? Is it Easter, Christmas, birthday or any such memorable event? This will help you to think of a suitable gift to compliment the occasion. Coming up with any kids gift ideas will be very easy, if you are closer to the child.

Online gift shops
You can look for online gift stores to get first birthday gift ideas at You will get an array of gifts displayed in their kids section. You will even find things that your enjoyed playing with in your childhood, this too can give an idea of what to select. Chooses a gift, accordingly –
Buy toys appropriate to age – Age recommendation that is listed on the box must not be ignored. The toys meant for old kids can include small parts, which increases the risk of toddler getting choked.
Be smart selecting educational product – Basically, everything marked as educational product, does not boost the kids brainpower.
Select an active video game – Active fitness video games promote healthy lifestyle. They get the same workout as in gym. Pick a game that is educational like a stationary bike, which has to be connected to a TV. Children then race through different levels reading & counting.

Appropriate gift ideas in accordance to age
•    For 1 year toddler – get toys, clothes or essential items like food products, diapers or tethers’
•    For 1 to 3 years – blocks, floor puzzles, talking animal zoo, ABC colour books or any such educational fun activities
•    For  3 to 5 years – arts & crafts, games, doll sets, interactive trains, mobile technology
•    For 5 to 7 years – singing & dancing robots, Barbie princess dolls, board games, scrabble, collectibles
•    For 8 to 12 years – Clothes they prefer, movie tickets, kits (magic, science, electrical circuits), books, traditional games (solitaire, chess, marbles, cards)
•    For 13+ years – Boys want sports related gifts and girls appreciate fashion oriented gifts. Fantasy (talisman, dungeons & dragons, Agricola, crossbows& catapults, munchkin), abstract strategy (army of frogs, pentagon, Othello, hive, abalone), wargames (space marine, space hulk, risk, stargrunt II)
If you are confused on what gift to buy, just offer gift certificates. If you buy something that is not the kid’s style, they may get upset, so offering gift certificate is an easy way to keep them smiling?