Best Bento Ideas To Try For Yourself

A bento is a small lunch usually packed for a single portion to take out for lunch or school. Traditionally in Japan, the bento will hold rice, fish or meat, cooked or a pickled vegetable in a container. These are ways to get your children to engage with you as you prepare their food, but it is also a great way to make something healthy and simple and let your creative designer go crazy on.

Sushi sandwiches

Instead of the regular seaweed and rolled rice sushi, go for a more innovative finger sandwich with tuna salad. To make it look like a sushi, after you make the sandwich with tuna, carrots, cucumbers and avocado, roll this sandwich into a roll and cut into one inch or thicker slices. You can customize the sandwich according to your child’s preferences for a happier meal. This is a great way to make sure the kids lunch boxes are empty when getting home.

Summer squash sauté

Make sure to add colourful items in the summer when you can make sure your lunch boxes for kids look the best among all their friends. The squash sauté which uses zucchini, squash, basil and tomatoes is healthy and also tasty. Make sure to cook it in a crock-pot and also add a bit of sugar to make the children eat it without much fussing and you can also freeze it in lunch portions for future meals.

Beans and rice wrap

This is also another item you can customize according to your child’s taste palette. For the traditional bean and rice wrap you use black beans, rice, spinach, cilantro and cheddar cheese to make sure your child gets all the nutrients in one go. You can cut the filled tortilla into slices and serve with the other things in the bento.

Vegetable mix up

Steam or bake all your child’s favourite vegetables and then cut them up into fun animal or other shapes to add a fun and cute element to the bento which is also nutritious. You can add the favourite sauce or topping on top to make it even more delicious.

Fruit element

Always make sure to add some fresh fruit on to the side of the bento as the bento always comes with a dessert in it too. You can make it the favourite pudding or other sweet item that you child will like too. if you are using fruits, try to use some cookie cutters to make them into fun shapes so that the bento would not look boring.

A bento is a great way to make sure your child’s lunch looks great and makes him or her want to eat it.

How To Surprise Your First Kid, Your Husband

It is said that the husband is the wife’s first kid, and I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. No matter how many children you’d have, your husband might need equal amount of attention as much as you give your children, or more. So in order to keep the fire between you two and to make the household happy, you should keep your husband happy, and give him the attention he seeks at least most of the time. One of the best ways to show him that you look after him, love him and you want to give him enough and more attention is by surprising him. A few ways to do so is as follows:

Surprise him on his birthday
Its always great to surprise him on his birthday. This maybe by buying him flowers or buying personalised birthday invitations at this website. Gifts for boys of any age group will surprise your husband and make him happy. Also, this will make him realize that you thought about him on his birthday and will make him happy and content. Therefore, surprise him with gifts and let him know that you love him.

Surprise him with the things he like
No one know about your husband as much as you do. So, surprise your husband. Do things that he’d like and that he’d appreciate. Maybe take him to his favorite movie or buy him some cloths from his favorite band. This will make his surprised and happy. Also, he will appreciate you being his wife and value your company in the long run.

Surprise him with a trip
Take him to some place that he always wanted to go, and which he had no time to go. This maybe somewhere close by, or somewhere far away. When important things are close by, we normally keep postponing attending these places, as these places are close by and we can visit them at any given day. Therefore, find out about a place that he really like to go, and didn’t have a chance to go. Then, take him to that place.

Surprise him with a night out
Plan a romantic dinner or a night out. He maybe tired and frustrated from the hard life. He maybe wants to get away. You identify a place that he always wanted to go and take him there for dinner. Plan a candle light dinner or fairly more adventurous one such as clubbing, etc. For more info about lunch boxes for kids, visit

Surprise him with extra pampering
Husbands really like to be pampered. Your one is not of any difference. Pamper him, give him what he wants, and he’d be your forever.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Children

When you are invited to a birthday party of a child or a toddler, the first thing you have to decide is what gift to buy. Searching for a perfect gift for the birthday kid will be easy, just prepare a list of everything they like. This can save you from spending hours in the gift shops feeling quiet confused. The gift ideas for children can be quite tricky. You will have to consider many parameters. First you will have to determine, why you are buying the gift for the kid? Is it Easter, Christmas, birthday or any such memorable event? This will help you to think of a suitable gift to compliment the occasion. Coming up with any kids gift ideas will be very easy, if you are closer to the child.

Online gift shops
You can look for online gift stores to get first birthday gift ideas at You will get an array of gifts displayed in their kids section. You will even find things that your enjoyed playing with in your childhood, this too can give an idea of what to select. Chooses a gift, accordingly –
Buy toys appropriate to age – Age recommendation that is listed on the box must not be ignored. The toys meant for old kids can include small parts, which increases the risk of toddler getting choked.
Be smart selecting educational product – Basically, everything marked as educational product, does not boost the kids brainpower.
Select an active video game – Active fitness video games promote healthy lifestyle. They get the same workout as in gym. Pick a game that is educational like a stationary bike, which has to be connected to a TV. Children then race through different levels reading & counting.

Appropriate gift ideas in accordance to age
•    For 1 year toddler – get toys, clothes or essential items like food products, diapers or tethers’
•    For 1 to 3 years – blocks, floor puzzles, talking animal zoo, ABC colour books or any such educational fun activities
•    For  3 to 5 years – arts & crafts, games, doll sets, interactive trains, mobile technology
•    For 5 to 7 years – singing & dancing robots, Barbie princess dolls, board games, scrabble, collectibles
•    For 8 to 12 years – Clothes they prefer, movie tickets, kits (magic, science, electrical circuits), books, traditional games (solitaire, chess, marbles, cards)
•    For 13+ years – Boys want sports related gifts and girls appreciate fashion oriented gifts. Fantasy (talisman, dungeons & dragons, Agricola, crossbows& catapults, munchkin), abstract strategy (army of frogs, pentagon, Othello, hive, abalone), wargames (space marine, space hulk, risk, stargrunt II)
If you are confused on what gift to buy, just offer gift certificates. If you buy something that is not the kid’s style, they may get upset, so offering gift certificate is an easy way to keep them smiling?

3 Tips On How You Can Organize Your Board Games

You might be considering investing in board games as it can spice up any party or event too. You can use it to play with your kids or when you are bored at home. There are several uses of board games for you to consider. Here are a few tips on how you can organize and arrange your board games:

Maintain an inventory on the pieces

You must try your best to maintain an inventory on the number of pieces of the personalized label puzzle. You must never throw the pieces back into the box and forget about it. It is crucial that you always count how many you have even before you decide to place them inside the enclosed space. If you don’t do this maybe a few days or weeks later you might find pieces under your sofa or chair. Tracking the box can also be very hectic for you. It can be a big hassle as you might have to dig through the box contents and put the box back away. You can even decide on personalized wooden puzzles which are a much easier option for you to purchase for your kids.

Organize the pieces

If you have any games at home it is best that you spend some time trying to figure out which pieces are missing. You can also try checking out the game box for details on the list of items which were inside the box. If you have lost a few cards or even pieces you can write it down on an index card and stuff the item away. Keep in mind that some games might require a lot of small bags to store all the pieces and at times the bag might not fit completely too. You can also try buying a zip-lock bag so that the pieces won’t slip out and fall.

Store the pieces vertically

You must try your best to store the pieces vertically. If you try placing and storing the pieces in a vertical manner the more items you might end up losing too. It will then create a huge mess too. If you wrap the pieces in film then the items won’t get damaged too. You can even ask your children to take the pieces slowly off and put it back themselves. Make sure that the items are food safe and do not contain any BPA. You must be certain about the composition of the pieces as some can be cancerous if swallowed. You can even try storing it in cheese containers too. Make sure that the personalized wooden puzzles are safe for your kids to play with too.

You must make sure that you store your puzzles or board games safely if you plan on using them again in the near future!